Visual Studio 2015 / 2017 Plugin


  • The SQLinForm Single User License gives you the right to install SQLinForm on all your devices including business and private computers. See the complete EULA
  • The Visual Studio Plugin gives you more than 100 formatting options to format your SQL according to your needs.
  • Immediately see the formatting result while playing aroung with 100+ options. Finding the best formatting style is easy.
  • The Plugin even formats partial SQL Statements or SQL Statements with syntax errors and thus supports you while writing your SQL and finding missing brackets or commas
  • The Visual Studio Plugin formats SQL for all major DB like Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Teradata, Netezza, MySQL, Sybase, MS Access, etc
  • The Visual Studio Plugin allows you to save your favorite formatting option into profiles and load them with one click. This is an easy way to set coding standards in your company