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What is SQLinForm?

SQLinForm is a SQL Formatter or a SQL Beautifier. It helps format SQL code into a more readable and consistent format. It rearranges the SQL statements, keywords, and clauses in a way that makes the code easier to read and understand. The formatter can also enforce coding standards and best practices, helping to improve the overall quality and maintainability of the code. SQLinForm can be used as a standalone tool, integrated into a code editor, or built into a database management system. The primary goal is to help developers write clean, efficient, and well-structured code.

What is your favorite Formatting Style?

There are probably as many formatting styles as there are SQL Developers. What is your favorite formatting style? Find it out with  SQLinForm and 100+ formatting options.


Top 10 Reasons to use a SQL Formatter

SQL developers have varying opinions on SQL formatters, just like with any other tool. Some SQL developers prefer to format their code manually, while others find SQL formatters to be useful and essential tools. Here are some reasons how a SQL Formatter can support you and your team.

In short, the SQL Beautifier can help you write cleaner, more readable, and more maintainable code, making it an important tool for any SQL developer

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