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Allow specification of where to save/load/maintain profiles  



Apparently have buttons to Save Profile / Load Profile - But no prompt to/from WHERE

In particular, have on 2 computers (Hyper-V machines), like to get them both using the same formatting - Where/How?

Should, IMHO, default to user Roaming folder. 

 See folder for "C:\Users\Jim\AppData\Roaming\", but nothing in it.  

This particular one is in SSMS 2017 (SSMS, 5.08), though I do have Hyper-V's with SSMS 2016 in it as well

Hi Jim,
thanks for your suggestion. I have upgraded the SSMS2017 plugin to allow an import/export function. This is not exactly what you are asking for but should help in the meanwhile. Will publish the new release this night.

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Success!  Able to format the same on 2 different machines (Release 5.3.0)

Only remaining "Quibble" - Consistency

On export, defaults to file name of sqlinform.cfg

On import, nice if defaults to at least *.cfg, so if do have more than one file in the folder, easier to pick out


Hi Jim,

just recently uploaded a new .msi" installation file for the SSMS2017 plugin which allows to import/export profiles. This should allow to exchange proviles between different users.




Sorry to be a pest!

Ok, see the new options within Main options.

Load profile seems good - pops up, asks from where

Export - Goes to where?  Don't see a new file in download folder, don't see in roaming, don't "see in my documents"

  Think this is the point, I need the file to import on the other machine....

Another question, while at it -

What gets exported?  The profile I currently have loaded, or all profiles?


Thanks for being the pest. I uploaded the wrong version which has the export function not activated.

Please download the latest version. Export should work out of the box. if it does not work please inform me directly

Thanks Guido

PS: The export function exports the currently activated options

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