SQLinForm SQL Beautifier

Download Free 100 Line SQL Formatter ...

... Step 1: Download

Download the Free Desktop Version Release 5.1.31 January 2017 and store it to a folder of your choice.

System Requirement: JRE 8 is required.

If you need SQLinForm for JRE < 1.8 please contact me.


SQLinFor Installation Instructions

... Step 2: Start & Registrate

Start the jar file and click the button "Registrate 100 Line Free Version",


... Step 3: Restart the program

Please keep in mind that the Free Desktop Version has no Windows Hotkey feature included


... Step 4: Feedback please

Please let me know your  feedback in the SQLinForm forum. (no registration required)

Any feedback about what you like, about issues or which features you are missing is welcome.

This helps making SQLinForm better and better.

Many thanks!