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SQLInform has been a HUGE time saver for our engineers and analysts.  Our application generates dynamic SQL and trying to read the larger queries can be very painful which is why we utilize SQLInform for formatting.  Our team members can now spend more time troubleshooting than manually formatting the SQL.  The product is well worth the investment!

Chris LORD

For consistent formatting and readability, PROS provides SQLinForm as a standard tool as part of their developers’ workstation.

D. Lindner

We use the SQLinForm logic in our software. It has been rock solid and the SQLinForm staff have been great to work with

M. Larson

I have been using SQLinForm for a while now and have found it to be one of the (if not THE) most useful SQL tools in my "toolbox". After seeing the "magic" that SQL inForm works on the ugliest of SQL statements, I have even had an employer decide to use it as a means of enforcing SQL Statement Standards on their developers.

Ralph D. Wilson II

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Pro Notepad++ Plugin

Use the powerful code folding and live formatting features inside Notepad++ editor. The Pro Version will offer 100+ formatting options.

SQL Server Management Studio 2016 Plugin

Use the SQLinForm formatting features directly together with the SQL Server Management Studio 2016.

Visual Studio 2017 Plugin

The SQLinForm SQL Formatter is already availabe for VS2015. Soon it will also be available for VS2017.