Pro SQL Formatter App


  • The Pro SQL Formatter allows you to share your favorite formatting profiles with your team members. This is an easy way to set coding standards in your company.
  • The Pro SQL Formatter is very powerful. It formats your 30K lines of SQL statements in 3 seconds.
  • The SQLinForm Single User License gives you the right to install SQLinForm on all your devices including business and private computers, mobile devices and USB sticks. See the complete EULA
  • The Pro SQL Formatter App is written in Java. It will run on your Windows Linux and Apple Device.
  • The Pro SQL Formatter App formats SQL for all major DB like Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Teradata, Netezza, MySQL, Sybase, MS Access, etc.
  • With the Pro SQL Formatter also get the Windows Hotkey Addon. Use the formatting feature in your favorite SQL Editor with just one hotkey click.
  • The Pro SQL Formatter App gives you more than 100 formatting options to format your SQL according to your needs.
  • The software does not need to be installed and does not need any DB driver. Just double-click the downloaded jar file.
  • SQLinForm formats plain SQL code and SQL code embedded in Java, C#, Perl, Python and other programming languages. The beautified SQL can be plain SQL and SQL embedded in Java, C#, PHP Visual basic and many more.
  • The SQLinForm App works on your private and business device and any external storage medium like your USB-stick. Use it in the office, at home and at your client's sites.

Compare Free and Pro

Online Free Pro
Lines formatted No Limit 100 No Limit
Formatting Options 60+ 150+ 150+
Users licensed One One One
Devices licensed No Limit
System Requirement Browser JRE 8+
Offline Formatting
Works for all major DB
No database driver required
Windows Hotkey Feature
Formatting Profiles
Share Profiles with Team
Saves favorite settings
Define own keyword list
Includes Visual Studio Plugin
Includes SSMS Plugin

Quick Starter Video