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[Solved] Plugin does not show in Notepad++ plugin menu  



Hello, I have the 32 bit version of Notepad++ v 7.6.3 running on 64 bit Windows 10.  I downloaded the 32 bit sqlinform dll and put it in the following folder:


I had to create the \Notepad++\Plugins\SQLinFormNpp part of the folder tree as it did not already exist.  When I looked under the Plugins menu there was no SQLInForm menu option there.  Under Plugins Admin SQLinForm is on the Available tab.  When I select it and click Install NP++ acts as though it is installing it but upon restarting NP++ SQLInform is still not in the plugins menu.


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Item 2 in release note for version 7.6.3 says

"Move plugins home from %ProgramData% to %ProgramFiles% for the sake of security."  Using %ProgramFiles% this works correctly.

Is there a way to move sql profiles from the standalone version of SQLInform to the plugin?  Thanks!

Hi Bruce,

you are correct. The installation folder for N++ 7.6.3 changed (again). I need to update the info on my web site

You can import the profiles from the stand alone app into N++ via the "Profile Import" function. It may not import all options like e.g. the keyword colors, as the GUIworks differently in both apps.

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