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How do I upgrade SSIS version?  



From another forum post, something has been fixed (With a great turnaround time!)

"...just recently uploaded a new .msi" installation file for the SSMS2017 plugin which allows..."

How do I upgrade?

Ideal, for me, would be an option within SSMS to "Check for / apply updates".  Would certainly work within the options, and/or as a menu item under tools

I tried downloading the 2017 MSI, but if just run, get "uninstall / repair" as options.

Tried repair, no release info appeared different, and fix didn't seem to be there.

Tried uninstall and re-install, same thing (Though DID keep the license information)

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Hi Jim,

please de-install the old version via Windows de-install system panel and then double-click the new msi file




Oh the pain.

FYI - The internet "helps" by caching downloads of the same name.  So, despite apparently downloading the "new" file ("SQLinFormSSMS2017.msi"), I picked up a cached version somewhere.

Work around for me - Download through a different internet connection.

Can check that the MSI File properties Revision Number is different to help indicate that you got the same file, comparing the 2 downloads shows a different value there. (In this case, there was also a size difference, but no guarantee of that)

Also now see a different version displayed in the SSMS options area, though NOT in the Add/Remove programs area

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